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NANY 2011 Release: JottiQ

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If the authentication for browsers is a webpage, then I assume it could be using cookies to store any previous used credentials, but that should be provided by the proxy, and is probably not re-usable by other applications.

Most other apps I use (Avast, Eclipse, and other stuff) have in their network page a proxy setting that facilitate optionally setting the authentication parameters, next to the proxy address, so I'm afraid that there's not much hope for a common solution. You could re-use the parameters of any of the other apps to provide these to the proxy, but what common app to choose?
It wonders me (too) that Windows Internet settings page doesn't have an option to define this.

As promised I have attached the screenies. :up:

That are the default 'Login credentials' pages of these browsers, so I'm afraid that JottiQ is going to need it's specific proxy authentication settings page :(

Okay thank you. Seems I am indeed stuck doing things that way. :) Ath, when I get around to it, I hope there's no issue if I ask you to test? I seem to recall you had a rather diverse (software) environment to test with, and you seem to know the subject quite well to boot.

Well, I've been behind a proxy (here, at home) for over 14 years now, and that was just because my ISDN connection could be turned of and off by the proxy software, and I sticked with it because all my e-mail configurations would have to be changed again and again. And for the extra security ofcourse, as there's also a firewall on that machine.

Not sure if I can configure it to do the authentication without messing things up big time, here, but I'll try, just for fun, or set up something in VMWare 8) Will probably end up sometime next week, though (assuming you're ready before the weekend), got a busy weekend ahead.


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