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NANY 2011 Release: JottiQ

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Thank you for your reply, ccondrup. I am glad you enjoy JottiQ! :)

That is indeed something that needs looking at. I intended to add one of those at some point, but I rarely use such 'internal' selection dialogs myself and with the drag/drop, commandline and shell extension supported, it somehow felt as if I had covered all my bases.

I think it would be wise when user presses "add running processes" to pop up a yes/no messagebox that tells user what is about to happen :)

That entire function needs an overhaul anyway. It is slow, misses files, and to boot tends to be misleading since people expect a good result to mean the process is fine. Which it isn't; rundll32.exe shell32_.dll,TakeOverMyPCAsRunDLL is a commandline of a running process that would be quite nasty yet rundll32.exe is 100% safe.

As I already wrote in a forum thread at Wilders Security, I am quite tempted to remove the function as a whole since it does not properly fit the 'usage domain' for which JottiQ was written.

I agree, remove the function. If there is a way to *selectively* upload running processes (and ideally, to automatically disallow upload of Windows system files that won't give relevant results anyway, e.g. rundll32.exe), that would be a better way to handle the feature. But modern Task Manager has the ability to "find source file" for any given running EXE and they can then use JottiQ that way, as it was intended.

- Oshyan


XP Pro 32 bit, SP3

I installed JottiQ v1.0.2.22338

Since I do have the latest .Net Framework v4 only C++ 2010 redist. was downloaded
The installation went smoothly, but when I'm starting the Application  nothing happening except the hourglass, which  appears for a second.
There is no GUI and JottiQ is not listed among the running processes.

I then tried a portable version with the same negative result.

Any ideas?

Thank you in advance


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