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UNFINISHED: run program/.bat file when computer comes out of idle (move cursor)

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i set the screensaver in the registry to run a prog to hide the taskbar completely , wat i need is to be able to tack on 2 more programs this same way of editing the screensaver.exe reg key,
also i need to be able to re-run these three prog/shtcuts when comp comes out of idleness, to reverse the hidetaskbar/ showdesktop(restore windows)/ and hidedesktopicons.exe
-bunsack (November 26, 2010, 03:20 AM)
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You could use the command processor to run multiple programs by making cmd.exe the program that runs and give it the programs to run seperated by &. Say you want to run C:\Program Files\Prog1\Prog1.exe and C:\Program Files\Prog2\Prog2.exe then set the command to run when it enters/exits the screensaver to

--- ---cmd.exe /s /c ""C:\Program Files\Prog1\Prog1.exe" & "C:\Program Files\Prog2\Prog2.exe""You need the /s and double quotes if more than one path includes spaces, otherwise you can leave out the /s and just quote the one path, however the above will work regardless of spaces in the paths.
The cmd windows will go away after the last program finishes.

Hello, just tried to install your program, but it doesn't install.

Is it supposed to work in Windows 7?

This is going back a bit!!

Yes, I believe it works on Win7, but I haven't looked at it for some time...

Give me a little while and I'll find the source code and check it again!

Thanks for the quick answer !!

For your info, I want to do something similar to the OP, hide the taskbar when idle. This is simply to allow AMD's ZeroCore to kicks in whatever is refreshing in the tray.


(I'm still struggling to find the source at the moment....) but until then....

Wen you said 'its not installing', what specifically is doing or not doing?



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