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UNFINISHED: run program/.bat file when computer comes out of idle (move cursor)

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is there a way to schedule to run a program when windows xp comes out of idle when i move my cursor, to restore all minimized windows, un-hide taskbar, un-hide desktop icons

i found scheduled tasks works to run my hide taskbar, hide desktop icons, show desktop quicklaunch shortcut

Try this:

Try this:

-awopbamboo (November 22, 2010, 09:10 AM)
--- End quote ---

That would do the opposite of what he will run stuff when the PC is idle rather than when the pc comes out of an idle state.

You're right... I mis-read... ignore me!


Do you use a screensaver? One possibility is to use the parameter sent by Windows to the default screensaver and run a program when that happens (i.e. that occurs when the computer goes idle, and when it comes out of idle state).  Thats easy enough to do, but you would sacrifice having a different screensaver...?


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