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Can one "subscibe" to another member?"

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I hope I am not duplicating another thread as I have tried a search, but it was unfruitful.

I have examined the "My Profile" options, but have not found where I can subscribe to certain members.  I see there is an "Ignore" feature, but I need the opposite functionality.  

There are numerous wise and intelligent folks that frequent these cyber hallways and it would be nice to know when they are stirring about.  :Thmbsup:

So, how do I subscribe to particular members, or is that somehow considered "stalking" or "invasion of privacy" or some such rot?


If you are willing to use an RSS reader, this can be done by using the members ID number as explained here.

Maybe mouser could add it to the RSS autodiscovery on profile pages so when you click the RSS icon in the addressbar of your browser, it will be listed in the options.

Not sure what it does, but there is a "buddy list" system. Go to My Profile from the top menu (forum) then Edit Buddies on the left.

- Oshyan

@App - Thanks for that bit of knowledge.  I wasn't aware that was possible.  Hmmm... the "...if you are willing..." part sounds ominous.  Do you use this RSS method, yourself?  Do you like it?

@JavaJones - I saw the "Buddy List" too, but like you, I don't know what it is about either?   

I do, but in a non-traditional social feed reader that is perfect for this type of thing. I use friendfeed's private group feature to create "imaginary friends" to follow that nobody but me can see. I add feeds and user names from various sites and services, give them an avatar, and it's just as if they had signed up on the site and made an account...but only I can see it.


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