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NANY 2011 Release: Quick Cliq

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I have a few ideas... well... not my ideas of course, but some things available in the current application that I'm using for fast folder switching: foldermenu3. Its been great so far, and is portable too, and although it works flawlessly, it hasn't been updated in some time now.
Feature requests:

* Option to make it context sensitive: use only with certain apps (explorer, open/save dialogs, notepad, user defined apps, etc.) not everywhere. Kind of the "off" feature it already has, but the inverse ("ON" only for certain programs)
* Option to add apps to switch folders (make it recognize address bar so it can send selected folder shortcut)
* Option to always change folder when clicked (instead of using middle click to change folder)
* Option to navigate a shorcut (with modifier key) even when menu entry is not defined as a folder menu
* Option to hide "files" from folder menu entries, or show only folders
* Option to reorganize QC extras, like move "recent" entries to the top, and make it the first option of the menu
* Couldn't use the "recent" list, as it never saved anything (list was always clear). I think that it should keep track of the folders clicked inside QC, instead of trying to keep track closed folders or windows recent list. Like: say I have a "Files" folder shortcut entry in QC. Normal shortcut, not folder menu. You add an option to navigate any entry using, let's say, right click. I right click "Files" entry and navigate to a folder inside it, and open a folder named "Texts". The recent entries could have "Files/Texts", even though it's not part of my current QC menu structure.
* If it can send the shortcut path to explorer (or any address bar), it should read it; so instead of integrating QC to the rightclick menu in explorer, add a "add favorite here" directly from QC (my point of view is that is kind of redundant to realize you don't have a folder in QC, and have to go to the explorer menu to add it)
* Add a drives list.
* Add an option to open menu with middle mouse button (instead of gestures). This way you can use: middle mouse button to open QC, normal click to change/switch folder (or open it when using QC in desktop), and right click to navigate an entry.QC has great potential.
Would love to see it evolve.
Keep up the great work.

Looks lovely.

Time to play a little with it.

Thanks for sharing with us :-)

I think it's Great,does so much but u can disable what u don't want.I like quick access right click to stuff.Well done. :Thmbsup:

Really love this app, it is a real time saver! A few thoughts though, in the hope that it actively developped:

* The "Folder Switcher" doesn't seem to work in MS Office (Word, Excel) Open/Save dialogues.
I know that I can just copy the path to the clipboard and paste in there, but it would be perfect if it worked directly.
* It would also be great if the folder switcher could work in existing Windows Explorer windows instead of opening each time a new one.
* There is a dark grey, slight transparent square of about 2×2 cm appearing irregularly while mouving the mouse, especially when the pointer moves over the Windows task bar.
The competitor I have been using so far and which could handle these MS Office dialogues was the "Folder Menu" (
Keep up the great work otherwise!

unfortunately there is no settings for opening a direction in the current tab(it just always open in a new tabs really annoy me)


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