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NANY 2011 Release: UpdateVersion

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NANY 2011 Entry Information
Application Name UpdateVersion Version 0.3.0 Short Description Command line tool to update some program update files by the version of the respective program. Supported OSes Windows Web Page this page currently Download Link System Requirements
* PCVersion History
* 0.3.0 - Added -v switch for verbose output
* 0.2.0 - Added support for InnoSetup .iss files
* 0.1.0 - Initial releaseAuthor phitsc
I'm afraid I'm too lacy this year to do much spare time coding. Nevertheless, I've made a tool last year which might or might not proof useful for one or the other fellow coder and which I'd like to offer for this year's NANY. Some remarks: First, it's a tool made for programmers, i.e. SW end users probably won't have much use for it. Second, it's a tool that solves a problem which probably most programmers have already solved for themselves, one way or the other. And finally, I could well imagine that some other (and better) tool already exists to solve this same problem.

So here I present UpdateVersion!

UpdateVersion is a command line tool that can update some target files containing version information with the actual version information extracted from some source file. It is implemented with some flexibility and extensibility in mind.

Currently supported sources are:

* EXEs containing a version information resource
* FARR plugins
* text files (via regular expressions)
Currently supported targets are:

* PAD files
* .dcupdate files
* versioninfo.xml files
* InnoSetup .iss files
The way I use the tool is in combination with a batch file:

@ECHO off
SET SevenZipPath="C:\Program Files\7-Zip\7z.exe"
SET InnoSetupPath="C:\Program Files\Inno Setup 5\ISCC.exe"

          -s %PHI_PROJECTS%\FarrMilk\Deploy\FarrMilk.dll
          -t %PHI_PROJECTS%\FarrMilk\Deploy\FarrMilk.dcupdate
          -t %PHI_PROJECTS%\FarrMilk\Package\versioninfo.xml
          -t %PHI_PROJECTS%\FarrMilk\Package\FarrMilk.iss
%SevenZipPath% a Output\ %PHI_PROJECTS%\FarrMilk\Deploy\*.* -r -xr!.svn -tzip
%InnoSetupPath% FarrMilk.iss

Executing that batch file will first update the two files required by DCUpdater using version information extracted directly from the plugin. It will then zip everything up ready to be uploaded to the web site.

While updating these two files is not very difficult, the advantage of the tool comes when you either do it very often (saves time), or when you do it very rarely (and have forgotten what you actually have to change).

Description says it all really.

Planned Features
I'm open for suggestions.

Will come but will be very boring!

No installation required, just copy the .EXE and .XML to some directory.

Using the Application
See Closing remarks.

Delete the directory where the .EXE and .XML file are.

Known Issues
None that I know of.

Closing remarks
I understand that this tool is of very limited value to most of the donationcoder community. Nevertheless, I'll make the following pledge:

If a single person states here that he might maybe have use for the tool, I'll actually add some documentation to it :) And of course I'm also open for feature requests if anyone should have some similar requirements.

Cool, I think I have use for this.

Cool, I think I have use for this.
-mouser (November 17, 2010, 12:23 PM)
--- End quote ---
I was afraid you were going to say this ;)

Here's some more detail about the tool. Currently, it can update the following fields:

* Name
* Version
* ReleaseDate
* FileSize
* ReleaseStatus
* WebSite
* ShortDescription
* LongDescription
Some of that information is taken from the source file's contents or resource, others from the source file's attributes (e.g. ReleaseDate or FileSize).

What is taken from where gets obvious by looking at the tools XML configuration file. Some more info to follow...

I've started to create an installer for the FarrMilk plugin (and will do so for the other plugins as well). I'm using Inno Setup for that. So UpdateVersion can now also update the AppVersion field in .iss files.

Still no documentation though.


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