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NANY 2011 Release: UpdateVersion

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I don't care much either, but the way I see it the information should either be correct or too large. The size of my executable will always be too small to use, so I want to hardcode it. :)

@mouser: Damn, you made a screen-cast of UpdateVersion. How cool is that  :-*. Thanks!

- Concerning verbose output, I'll see how easy that would be to implement.
- Getting rid of FileSize, ShortDescription and LongDescription should be easy: just open your local copy of UpdateVersion.xml and delete the <FileSize>, <ShortDescription> and <LongDescription> elements in the <Type>xml,rootnode,XML_DIZ_INFO</Type> target.

Ahh. Shame on me for only watching the screencast - I hadn't even seen there was an entire .xml file with configuration settings and such. Shame on me indeed. :(

It's just nice having the output visible - I always have to go over my preprelease.bat to see if it went allright (Idiotic me tends to test from there at occasion, and then stupid explorer/opera/whatever end up using DLLs which can't be replaced.. afin, you get the idea). The more I can see about stuff being successful, the less worries I'll have and the less problems that suddenly sprout up when users download the final product. :)

Agree that it would be nice to report on commandline the values inserted.

Added a switch (-v) for verbose output.


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