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FARR and history


could be that i'm just very very stupid, but i can't find of a way to make farr show a list of (designated) favourite apps rather than history.
is there a way this could be done?

basically what i'm looking for is a way to combine the qualities of farr with some of the utility of say circle dock, having a set list that doesn't change no matter what i use, until i insert something in the input field.
i know there's a toolbar in farr, but it seems to only allow textual links, not icons, and i can't resize it to say 32x32. it also takes up space in the same line as input, so putting say 5 apps/folders there makes the rest of farr pretty much unusable.
i've thought about binding circle dock and farr to the same hotkey, but figured that just wouldn't be practical.

yes its easy to do.

here's ONE way to do it:

First, you make an alias and put your favorite apps in the alias.
This is easier than you might think, you can do it from the Aliases/Groups option tab OR even easier, just search for a file you want, right click it and say "Add to Group Alias"

Ok now that you have your favorite items in an alias, test it by typing the alias name and confirm they show up in the list.
(ps. later you can go customize the text labels for this list!)

OK so step 2 is to tell FARR that when the search edit is blank, to show the contents of this alias.
You do that from Options-> History Options tab, and under "Blank search shows files from launch history" leave it checked and type in the name of your alias.

Let me know if it works for you!

you can also set different hotkeys to bring up farr and show different lists.

working great, thanks!
is there a way i could show say 5 lines of history below the list?

not currently, though i could consider it if it's something people wanted.


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