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Settings not being saved

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So i think we have narrowed down the cause.. for whatever reason its not realizing it should (or not able to) create the FindAndRunRobot.ini file in your documents area.  I'll reupload the debug version so we can see where its TRYING to save to and whats going wrong.. though i really thought i added code to report such failures and let the user know when it failed to save settings.

Figured out that running it in compatibility moder or running it as administrator (as mentioned above) helps. But both solutions are not very practical, since on every system startup I must confirm that I allow this program (Windows security alert).-BigBonsai (March 23, 2011, 03:58 AM)
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The best way round this seems to be to use TaskScheduler to start the program rather than the usual method. You can then tell it to start with admin rights and NOT have to click a UAC prompt.

There's a post somewhere (with respect to Everything, a program with similar issues with Vista and 7) that I can probably find if it's helpful.

a better fix is probably to use the ConfigDir.ini file to tell FARR someplace it can write it's settings file to.  but there must be some reason this is happening -- some permission failure somewhere.

Risking to be a pest, but is there any solution to the problem in sight? :)


I apologize -- it's been a busy month.  Let me upload a debug version of FARR for you today to test -- it will report when and where it is trying to load and save it's settings files and if it thinks it failed -- that should tell us what we need to know.


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