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Settings not being saved

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I just wanted to chime in here - I'm running FARR 2.93.01 on Win7 64-bit and was having a similar problem with settings not being saved. Specifically, I was trying to disable the CTRL + Spacebar hotkey because it interfered with Photoshop's Zoom tool hotkey. I set the PORTABLE=TRUE flag in ConfigDir.ini, set FARR to run as Administrator and the combination of the two seems to have worked. I was able to disable the default CTRL + Spacebar hotkey. Still looking forward to another build  ;)

Appreciate all the reports.. i dont know why one should have to run it as Administrator but this is surely a clue of some sort.

For those who are experiencing this problem, I have created a debug version and uploaded the exe only, here:

When you want to do is run that, then exit it so that it will attempt to save your settings.
You will want to run this as NON-administrator or whatever scenario the settings are NOT being saved, as that's what we want to know about.

And then you need to find the debugout.txt file; on windows 7 this *MAY* be somewhere in your MyDocuments area.. or in the application directory, or i guess it's even possible that you will have a hard time finding it if the source of this problem is confusion about the operating system and where such files should be saved by the program.

Once you find the debugout.txt file, send it to me ([email protected]), or open it in text editor and look for the lines with "IN SaveSettings.").

Let's see what it tells us.


I just ran the debug version and emailed the debug file to you. I hope this helps!

-mouser (December 19, 2010, 10:41 AM)
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I wanted to try it, but couldn't find the debug-version. I am experiencing this problem as well. This is annoying, because I need to search a few custom folders. Adding them after every system reboot is... well, annoying.

Is there already a solution?



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