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Settings not being saved

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hit cancel or continue a few times until it goes away, then go to options and launch history and see if you find a reference to that drive.

I zapped the config directory and I think that's fixed the problem with the missing disk. I don't see that dialog anymore.

Any ideas on the configuration not saving problem?

try making the first line of your ConfigDir.ini file:

it should then save all settings in the application directory -- assuming it has permission to do so (if it doesn't then your settings wont be saved).

I just tried what you suggested, and my settings are still not being saved.
Should keeps the "CONFIGDIR = ." line next to "portable=true" line?
My FARR directory is in a Drobox forlder, so there shouldn't be any permission issues.  I run quite a few portable apps from Dropbox without issues, even the ones that wouldn't not run form a ProgramFiles directory.

i tried this on Win 7 64-bit and it worked. however i didn't install Farr into "Program Files" or "Program Files (x86)" but into another folder called "Programs" where i keep all my portable apps.

--- ---CONFIGDIR = .


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