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Settings not being saved

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can you check:

* is it just the skin setting or if its all settings that it doesnt save?
* is it writing the FindAndRunRobot.ini file in C:\configs\farr when you exit the program? (does the date of that file change), and just not reading it maybe?

I have my config.ini file set to set all settings in the FARR directory, but none of my settings are being save.  Not the search folders list, I had to go into the ini file to manually change it.  Also, There is BackupIni folder that hold multiple copies of identical files (with different version names of course).  My FARR directory is not in %programfiles%, so there shouldn't be any permission issues from Windows 7 (32bit version).

edit your configdir.ini file and tell it to store the settings in the current directory or set the portable flag to true.

My mistake.  When I said config.ini, i ment ConfigDir.ini.  I have the CONFIGDIR = . line un-commented.
where do i find this portable flag, it's not in FindAndRunRobot.ini from what I can tell.
Also, according to the properties page of FindAndRunRobot.ini, it has not been modified or accessed since I last udated.
I've also searched through my computer fo any other FindAndRunRobot.ini files that the program could be using, and found none, save for the one in my FARR directory.

Sorry for being away for so long. Family visiting.

Mouser, to answer your questions:
- No settings are being saved
- I don't see a FindAndRunRobot.ini file in C:\configs\farr, but I do see a FindAndRunRobot.ini.tmp

Also, a new annoyance: I get a dialog box when I start FARR:
Advanced Options: FindAndRunRobot.exe - No Disk
There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive Z:.
Cancel   Try Again   Continue   

I had a network path mapped to Z once, but no longer. I can't remember configuring FARR to do anything with that drive though.


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