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Consider Affinity?

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Wow. I love process tamer. Would you consider something?

I would recommend something for us power users: add affinity control.

I have a hyper threaded quadcore doing 3d renders (I actually have 4 quadcores . . . and this is a hobby . . . some call me insane <sigh>) which of course can take minutes if not hours to complete. If process tamer lowers the priority *and* set affinity, things would be yet more optimal for me. Sounds kinda redundant to lower priority and change affinity, but having done it manually, it makes sense given the variety of tools and apps and the ability to multitask.

I can provide details of what I am thinking of. I used to work for Digital and mod'ed OpenVMS to do something sort of similar . . . but that was over a decade ago and I have long since stopped modifying OS code . . . which is why I love this website!

Great website and process tamer is excellent.

Welcome to the site..

Yes, i will be adding processor affinity settings.  Will post an update when i do.

Thanks for the fast reply. If you need a beta tester, I am available.  :)
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I would recommend something for us power users: add affinity control.
-dcrypt3r (November 14, 2010, 10:45 AM)
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Yes, yes, please.

+1 vote for that.
Good coincidence. As a longstanding user of Process Tamer, ever since I got my new PC in Dec. 2010, I have been wondering if it would be possible to implement optional automatic affinity control...     :Thmbsup:
Just "Nice-to-have" though, really.

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