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NANY 2011 Release: Ten Timer

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I know it's a personal preference thing but, if I had my way, that would be how every window would act.  I can take it out if you'd like.-skwire (April 05, 2013, 11:57 AM)
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It's fine to leave it as it is (unless you get 100 votes to take it out  ;) )
I know about it now, and as I said, there's no loss because it remembers the last time values.

I worked on this for several hours but I've come to the decision that, because of the way I initially designed the code to support a dynamic number of timers, fixing this issue will probably require a rewrite.  This is codespeak for, "Don't hold your breath."   :D :D :D  I've updated Ten Timer's webpage to state that it does work on Windows 7 with some graphical glitches.
-skwire (April 05, 2013, 05:33 PM)
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No problem, and thanks for the effort and explanation. I'm sure you have more significant things to work on!

When TenTimer opens, the name of the first countup timer is highlighted. So it is easy to unintentionally overwrite the name by hitting any character key -- the more so if a user has learned to use space to start/stop a timer. Furthermore, this highlight doesn't serve a significant function because renaming would not be the default action.

Wish: Don't highlight the name. Thanks.

Here you are.   ;)

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v1.0.8 - 2013-04-08
    * The first timer label is no longer focused when starting the application.  (Thanks, Scott_Y)
    * Pressing the escape key no longer closes the app. (Thanks, Scott_Y)


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