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NANY 2011 Release: Ten Timer

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@mouser:  Soon.   :P

@Stoic Joker: I suppose that could present an issue.  That being said, the only place I ever keep multiple programs in the same folder is my collection of commandline utils.  Otherwise, each program gets its own directory on my computers.

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v1.0.3 - 2011-01-28
    + Times are now saved between sessions.
    + Added ten countdown timers.  (Thanks, mouser)
          + Countdown timers have configurable start times.  When resetting a countdown timer, its time will be reset to the configured value.
          + Optional WAV file to play when a countdown timer expires.
          + Optional message box when a countdown timer expires.
          + Optional balloon tray tip when a countdown timer expires.
    + Added options dialog for each timer.  No more manual tweaking of the INI file to add colours to a timer.
    + Added separate "start all" and "stop all" buttons.
    + Added "Minimize to tray" option.  (Thanks, mouser)

Added ten countdown timers.
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AWESOME!!!  :up: :up: :up:

I love it -- perfect for keeping track of a bunch of things at once.

Thanks for all the suggestions, mouser.  Much appreciated.  =]

Skwire, thanks for ten more timers.

Two remarks:

2) Ctrl-Shift+1 through Ctrl-Shift+0 will reset a countup timer.-Help File
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= Ctrl-Alt+1...

    + Added separate "start all" and "stop all" buttons.
-skwire (January 28, 2011, 09:01 AM)
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Personally I would like it if these button affect only the timers which have text in it's edit field.
Especially the countdown timers, which now start at one hour if a timer is not set. I would like it to be: not set = not run.


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