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IDEA: text-only clipboard without separate hotkey.

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skrommel you genius!!   :D
is there nothing you cannot do with AHK!!?

Hey skrommel!

You know, I wanna be smart just like you!  :-*

I've been needing something like this for such a long time, and I didn't even know it!  And now my life has been changed soooo much for the better!!


 :-[ Oh, you guys...


 :) Try PlainPaste v1.1.

I've just combined PlainPaste and PlainCopy into one app, and added PlainCut.


[edit: skrommel you specified the .exe name in the img link so it wasn't showing; i've changed it to gif - mouser]

Tip for some other functions:
1. When you have copied a file/files, running the app will paste only the filename/filenames (with full path)
2. Make possible to run the app => Removes formatting, pastes the text and exits. => You could place a shortcut to the app on your desktop and assign it a hotkey: CTRL-ALT-V for instance.

The hints are stolen from a RemoveClipboardformatting app that I does not remember where I got:-(

Ove B-)


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