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SMF or phpBB... that is the question?

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To: Everyone who assisted...

After exploring the different options and given I have been working with the DonationCoder SMF forum for over four years, it seemed best to stay with what I know - Simple Machines Forum.


Sounds like a really interesting project you're embarking on.  8)

Any chance of getting you to 'blog' a bit on this while you're doing it? Or maybe write up a project report when you're up and running?


I wouldn't recommend fluxbb from an administrator point of view : it is missing lot of useful features for managing threads (like moving posts, threads, renaming them )... and it lacks plugins desperatly : you have to basically code all antispam, captcha on your own before getting a relatively correct experience. I've been using it for 3+ years and I still don't like it.

SMF is pretty great right out of the box and has proved very stable, and has a wonderful feature set and organization that just makes sense.

However the one thing I will say, and i think i've said this in another thread, is that SMF is part of the past-generation of web applications, where "add-ons and extensions" are not handled through hooks and signals, but are instead handled by actually *modifying* the code.

What this means is that addons and mods are not easy to maintain, and can be a bit hairy to deal with when applying updates to the core forum.

So SMF is a great forum system for someone who wants a powerful and easy to maintain forum system, but who isn't planning on installing lots of addons.   Although there are some great addons for SMF, if you are the kind of person who will want to install lots of addons and modifications for your forum, you should look elsewhere, in my humble opinion, because of the difficulty in maintaining and upgrading in the presence of addons.
-mouser (November 07, 2010, 09:28 AM)
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That's an important point, and I'd like to add to it from a ServerAdmin point of view.
Keeping up to date is one of the single most important things you can do to keep a server secure.
With the design of smf making this HARDER when you have modifications, you REALLY have to stay on top of things.
This means, watching all the regular sites for posted smf exploits (fulldisclosure etc) and patching & testing them MANUALLY when they occur.  (thus you must be skilled in php to even consider running smf with custom mods if you're planning to maintain the site a long time)
In the past Mouser and I have had to do this a few times, but luckly not too much, which brings me to the second point:
I see a lot more vulnerabilities posted for phpbb than smf.
Now that doesn't mean that it's more secure, it could just be that it's more popular/targeted
Honestly I think we (especially mouser ;) ) dread the day we have to finally go for a major version upgrade of smf :D

Sounds like a really interesting project you're embarking on.  8)

Any chance of getting you to 'blog' a bit on this while you're doing it? Or maybe write up a project report when you're up and running?


-40hz (November 16, 2010, 09:49 PM)
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Where would you suggest?  The fact is... I really don't know much about blogging, although the concept intrigues me.


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