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Gmail as file storage. Without IE

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Oh, I think Gmail Drive is cool (except for the built-in 9.99999-MB per-file limitation), I was wondering about removing MSIE.  :)

Mighty Pete:
I never use it so what's the point. Getting rid of that and other features is better that getting virus software really. I see now some sites try installing toolbar java just visiting sites. If ie is gone that exploit does not work. It's amazing how hard a windows box is to hack with outlook and IE gone. Just think about it. The last years worth of security updates from MS you don't even need it.  The programs that they are patching are not even here so no point downloading the security patches for them. It's my computer. I'll use stuff I want to and delete the rest. You'd have to try it really. The speed increase, the hardening of the OP against hackers. Kids here download viruses via messager and the viruses can't find hooks to run. That's one program I left on. All though I'd like to remove it.
I use firefox, I like it. No point in having the IE browser built into the operating system so it's gone.

Getting it working is good for me. I can upload stuff here and grab it at work. I do a lot of my stuff at home cause the companies computers suck. I use to just mail files back and forth now I can just drag and drop. One more use for my massive never going to fill it with mail anyway gmail account.
-Mighty Pete (May 21, 2005, 10:53 AM)
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Hey Might Pete - if it's easy file transfer you're looking for, DropBox is a great service (2GB free).  And if you'd be so kind as to use the link provided to sign up, you'll earn us both additional 250MB.


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