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Slash your windows boot time

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As they are only Soluto referencing Assembly-cache installed assemblies, just throw them out. They should really be uninstaller properly, for that you have to know the original names of the dll's (that's shown) and use gacutil -u on each of them, as documented here

But I'd send an e-mail to the Soluto guys and dolls, to warn them that their uninstaller doesn't remove all pieces of their software, as a proper uninstaller should :o

Stoic Joker:
Not a direct solution (more a rule-of-thumb), but when I run into this type of thing I usually just move the leftover files to another (temp) folder.

If nothing complains imediately, then they're not currently loaded (good sign).

Reboot and check for related errors.

Depending on the situation I may sit on the (to-be-deleted) temp folder for X time period before actually dumping it.

*Shrug* Just a Thought... :)

You could also use Revo Uninstaller whenever you decide to remove something. It's very good at sweeping up leftover registry items and folders. I pretty much ignore Windows' built-in add/remove and use Revo to uninstall everything these days.

The free version works just fine so don't bother with the pro edition.

(Note: I sent them a 'contribution' by buying a copy of pro since I felt guilty about having the freebie on every one of my personal machines at home.) :)

I don't worry too much about boot time, but as others have said Windows doesn't always handle startup too elegantly -- too many programs trying to do too much at the same time. Rather than use yet another program I just run an AHK script at bootup to delay some programs, e.g.:

Sleep, 30000
Run "C:\Program Files\Local Website Archive\wsarc.exe"
Sleep, 15000
Run "C:\Program Files\Rainlendar2\Rainlendar2.exe"
Sleep, 15000
Run "C:\Program Files\FastCheck\FastCheck.exe"

And I guess you could just use a Windows batch file, using the SLEEP command.

Thanks Ath — that reference is useful.
Thanks Stoic Joker — good idea about moving rather than deleting, I usually do.
Thanks 40hz — this junk remains after using the latest version of Revo.


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