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Slash your windows boot time

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I found Process Lasso by Bitsum Tech which works very well for me and not only speeds up the boot but also keeps your system snappier, can be adjusted in real time by a few clicks...I was able to put XPSP3 on a 400Mhz Celeron 512mb with it.

I'm running Process Lasso myself - does it really speed up boot time? I can't say I've noticed (though I'm with MrCrispy - I don't really care anymore) any difference and I can't find any settings for it within the program.

I and several others have had problems with Soluto not working at all. Maybe I've found an explanation to this. It *seems* (to me) that Soluto has to be in contact with the company's server during PC start. They wrote the following, in August:

Our current version has several known bugs. Most issues boil down to one single problem, namely, Soluto simply not being able to run on the user’s PC. Some of the issues have to do with the amount of users running Soluto, and as more users join-in – existing users may suffer.

The best interest of our users must always out-weigh the quantity of downloads. So:

We’ve been working on a version that resolves most of our scaling issues. It’s taking us longer than we’d like because we’re constantly context-switching between: 1) fixing actual specific scale problems on our servers and; 2) writing the new version.-August
--- End quote ---

Long time ago, just by removing unneeded services and apps (using only msconfig) I cut system startup time a lot.
I would say application startup time is more important, anything from Firefox to higher end stuff like CAD software, etc. can really be slow on some systems

Hey all. I'd agree that removing all un-necessary services and applications from running on boot makes a significant difference. Not only on the boot time but the cpu usage when your computer's running.

The only benefit i see in soluto is that it tells you what the applications do.

It doesn't cover everything. If you wanted something to do that i'd suggest Autoruns (SysInternals). And then using google to work out what they do.

I like soluto but only after having disabled it starting up and annoying me itself.
Personally on a daily basis i will use; Firefox, some heavy IDE (Netbeans), and various graphic design programs. Before disabling startup apps i'd notice that from boot it would take FF about 20 seconds to load. After it takes an un-noticeable amount of time. When running the graphics programs i'd notice a lag.
If you're a heavy user it's definately worth cutting down on programs running that don't need to be. Services especially, i had a svchost that was running about 80% cpu between boot and actual computer use.


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