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Slash your windows boot time

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Hey, i can't help but call this the bootup app i've always been looking for. More than anything because i had way too many services starting up that i couldn't find out whether i could disable or not. Essentially i managed to cut my boot time from a frustrating 3:32 to 1:49. The only thing that aggrivates me is that it doesn't like being disabled itself. Still it's a good program. I like the splash screen aswell, it's inspired a new idea for a splash of my own.

Okay the one annoying thing about this piece of software is that it starts up on windows boot. Whilst i love the program it seems like installing an un-necessary start-up app to speed up the boot process is a little counterproductive. My way of disabling this was to use Autoruns to kill all the start-up instances of soluto. Of course you could also just take note of what you'd disabled in Soluto and then disable them the old-fashioned way.

Downloaded and gave it a try yesterday on one of my macines and a client machine (with their permission :P ) to see what it could do.

I follow a pretty draconian approach to booting services and apps so I had my box tuned up already. Reported boot time was 1:31. It had three "possibles" which I ignored because they were doing what I wanted them to. But I already knew that.

On the client machine boot time was 3:38. I agreed with all the recommended tweaks and about 75% of the possible tweaks right off the top. This app does seem to think much like I do about this stuff. Just implementing the recommended changes shaved a little over a full minute off the boot.  Pretty slick. 

Like fodder, I'm curious about the crowdsourced aspects of its data gathering model. And +1 with his observation that a lot of people who are quick to share their knowledge about technical  issues are frequently guilty of providing erroneous information. Guess time will tell how well it works out.

Also curious about the "frustration" button. I didn't have anything to test that out on so it will have to wait until either something crops up, or I deliberately cause a problem just to see what it does. Did anybody get a chance to check it out?

Anyway, it seems benign (and potentially useful) so I'm gonna leave it on my box for a while just to see if it misbehaves.

Kudos on the eye candy too. It does have a very pretty interface. One of the nicer looking apps I've seen.

Looks great in theory until you realise you shouldn't even have to worry about it, because the OS should already do it for you.
-justice (November 02, 2010, 08:44 AM)
--- End quote ---

Good point. But I think they're gearing up to selling it to PC manufacturers as a utility that will be included with new machines. It could cut down on support call times since it seems to be able to diagnose and correct all the common "dumb" boot problems the average user might experience. And it also does so in a very safe manner so it's easy to recover if it actually does screw something up. Which is a lot more than can be said for most of those registry "cleaner" apps out there.

I wouldn't call it a Tech's tool. But for what it is, it's pretty nice.  :Thmbsup:

I stopped worrying about boot times a long time ago. Don't care if its 10s or 5min since I only boot my pc for restarts due to updates, the rest of the time I use sleep, which is near instant with Windows 7.


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