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Slash your windows boot time

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Soluto, in short, lets users quickly and easily customize the Windows boot process by breaking applications into three categories: Ones that are completely unnecessary to the boot process, ones that are potentially removable, and ones that are absolutely necessary to boot Windows. Soluto collects anonymous user data to give you an idea of what other users do with their applications, so if you have a piece of software that lots of other people pause during startup, you're presented with a pie chart telling you what percentage pauses, and what percentage keeps it in the boot process.

In this latest beta version (1.1.10960,) you can instantly kill Soluto after your PC has started up, search for- and filter applications by name.
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I reviewed the original beta, and while it did tell me the reported seconds each app took, most info was no surprise to me nor was the breakdown of those programs I could manipulate. On the whole, the slowdown soluto added to the startup led me to uninstall it given how uninformative it really was.
Possibly good for non-geek users mostly.

Here, it just didn't work - yes, I could select a few programs to start delayed but then on reboot when they still hadn't started after 5 minutes....

So it got uninstalled.  (The same thing also happened with the previous beta.)

For people who might like to do it the Microsoft way: How to speed up your boot process under Vista or Windows 7

also read IainB's Measuring PC boot-up time by component - and tweaking it with Soluto

I've found that booting up quicker it just a case of delaying a few obvious programs. I gave Soluto a try and then replaced it for Startup Delayer:

Simply delaying/staggering a few temperamental programs made the start up process a lot more reliable and smoother (I used to have problems with Digsby, Networx, File Hamster and probably a few others).

Startup Delayer will show you the queue of your delayed programs as they ready to start; allowing you to skip completely, start immediately or even pause their startup.

I even use it for starting up Firefox (minimised) so when I sit down at my computer each morning Firefox is waiting for me (I hate how long FF takes to open compared with IE). Startup Delayer also has a very nice gui, I think.


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