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NANY 2011 Pledge: Backup Verification Utility


Too much work, too little time  :(  I'm still doing it, but I just can't get it done today.

All the information below is subject to change as project is in earliest stages
NANY 2011 Entry Information
Application NameBackup Verification Utility Version 0 Short Description Utility that checks a series of files for backup specific verification rules. Supported OSes WindowsWeb Page - Download Link- Version History
* A list of the (ongoing) version historyInspiration Credited To: Justice from his Cancelled NANY 2011 Entry.Author wraith808

Taking over from Justice, this will be a utility that checks a series of files for backup specific verification rules. It can inform you when files do and do not meet these criteria so you can take action.


* Free for personal use, computers on a domain require a licence.
* Extensive documentation
Planned Features
• The following rules can be used:
   ? Verify a file exists
   ? Verify a file is above certain size
   ? Verify a file is around certain size (with custom deviation)
   ? Verify a file's checksum matches a specified value
   ? Verify a file has been modified  in the last x days, weeks
   ? Verify  these criteria for individual files or a file list in csv format
• Send report on failing criteria
   ? To DB
   ? To email
   ? To logfile
• License system based on domain name.
• Alway send report toggle (even when no failures)
• DcUpdater integrated


Minimal, if any

Using the Application
A brief description of how a user will use the Application. What tips does a user need to get going?

Minimal required, if any.

Known Issues


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