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NANY 2011 Release: Bard - Organise your audio library

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I really should revisit this project sooner rather than later - thanks all for your feedback I will consider it all in my development.

Hi again! Good news:
New beta available, version 0.3

*  Added Prefix option to prefix selected files with name of a samplepack for example.
*  misc fixes
*  Enable .aiff samples
*  rewrote buttonmatching code - fixes bug where folders starting with spaces are no longer created
*  Better error checking on files that have been removed, deleted or renamed outwith the program.
*  Fixed hotkeys which got broken
*  Shift click a destination button to open the location in explorer!
*  Updated readme.txt and added tips.txt which are shown randomly in the statusbar
*  Right click rename file(s)

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Feedback welcome good or bad

Updated again (version - fixed all known bugs.

Changes since

* instructions updated
* Fixed problems remembering what directory we're working on.
* Fix: now lists samples with mixed case or uppercase extensions
* Removed tray icon
* Menu item to AudioLibraryFolders now works correctly
* Resizing now works as expected
* Remember windows position and size between sessions

I'm now looking for a few more beta testers to help break my app. You don't have to be a musician! If you enjoy trying to break programs and providing feedback try out the version below and reply with any new issues.

Download latest version

This release is more polished overall and should work properly on more configurations.

Updated to
* Clarified prompts and help files
* On failing to play files, try fallback option and log any errors
* Added known issue to readme
* Installation / Uninstallation Wizards
* Option to add icon to desktop
* Store created files in Application Data/Roaming so that writing rights to program files is not needed.
* allow /resetsettings to reset the settings ;)
* Fixed interface issues when using custom themes under Windows XP
* Feedback Option added

Known Issues
* Playback of certain 24bit files may fail under Windows XP.
  I'm looking for a solution. More info:

i hope you plan to make a pad file for this.. i can see it being quite useful to people who need it.. trick it spreading the word about it.
-mouser (November 01, 2010, 12:35 PM)
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Any tips on what program is useful and what sites to submit it to?

I've added quite a few features now, and I'm building on a website to release the program that I'm proud of now - with a few suprises.


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