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NANY 2011 Release: Bard - Organise your audio library

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NANY 2011 Entry Information
Application NameBARDVersion Description Organise your audio librarySupported OSes WindowsDownloadLatest version or see enclosed file for NANY entryWeb Page Author Justice

Bard uses move/copy operations to quickly organise your audio files into
favourite folders. You can specifiy an 'unlimited' amount of folders
which can all be used to sort audio to with one click. Other basic file
operations such as renaming, deletion of audio is also supported.

In the extras folder you will find a small utility to create a basic
audio library structure for you.
Supported audio formats are wave/mp3/aiff.



Using the Application
Start the program. Use the [...] button to browse to your audio library. Simply select a file to play it back.
Then add destination folders using the [+] button. Both of these are
saved for subsequent sessions. Select audio from the left list and sort
them by pressing a folder button on the right.

You can toggle the operation button [Move] to switch between move and
copy, so that existing projects will not lose any audio. You can also
right click audio and delete to the Recycle Bin. You can sort selected
audio into the first 9 folders by pressing 1-9 on your keyboard or

If any audio already exists in the destination folder you will be asked
to rename it. You can rename it to a folder that does not exists, which
will then be created for you. Keep the filename to overwrite the


Thanks to Erratech and inaudible from NuSkoolBreaks forum and the one and only mouser for ideas and feedback.

You can sort selected audio into the first 9 folders by pressing 1-9 on your keyboard or numpad.
--- End quote ---

nice, i was just going to suggest that.  maybe the # should prefix the folder names, like:
1 - Bass
2 - Drums

File name conflicts tend to be pretty high in such cases.. in an ideal case it might be nice to have a deluxe dialog come up when there is a conflict, showing both existing files/dates/sizes, with play buttons for each, and ability to rename each independently, or delete either one and continue.  that sounds like a pain so dont take it as a request just an idea.

Good feedback :) keep it coming.


Is or will it be possible to have the folder names user defined?  This also looks like an easier way to organize podcasts I've downloaded for later listening.

It's a possibility it's my browser settings but when I click on your web link above I get a 404 not found.

On bob,
Hi Bob99, I have enclosed the 0.1 to this post (although for me the link works). Yes you choose your own folders, they can be named anything, and you can create folders from the selection dialog prompt and when renaming files as well.

On multiple modes
I just processed a sample pack into bass / drums / lead /fx /vox and was going through drums to split them up further and was dreading adding all the buttons. Therefore I thougt maybe there's easier ways?

* A mode called 'subfolder mode'. Do you think it would help if it would autopopulate the destination buttons with the subfolders of the source location? that way you'd not have to add the buttons. Would this be how people would mainly use it or as an addition to the current manual mode?
* another mode (preset mode) I could save out preset destination buttons for each source folder. In that mode one would only have to specify folders ONCE for each source location and next time you select it it would autopopulate the destination folders.

Both sound like timesavers but would cost some time to add (maybe after its released), lazier is better I'd have thought but wonder what you think.

On other uses
You're free to use this program for other uses like organising podcasts or sorting our your music collection (would be good interface for a music tagger even). I won't know how well this works though.


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