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NANY 2011 Release: Bard - Organise your audio library

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New version, fixes and features:

summary: amended help text
summary: Multiple file recycling added
summary: Stop sound playing before deleting multiple files
summary: You can now create folders and rename files from the rename prompt
summary: Fix changing or reloading when cancelling rename
summary: Hotkey 1-9 now work for the first nine folders.
summary: hotkeys for numpad support
summary: Clarified message renaming file
summary: icon
summary: udpated readme
summary: * Keyboard selection of listbox items
summary: selecting rows after operating is now fixed correctly
summary: Button shortcutlabels added
summary: Added statusbar to show last operations and longer listview
summary: Fixing Working Directory bug after switching directories
summary: Logging deletions
summary: Only change statusbar/logfile if copy/move action was successful

New version, fixes and features:

summary:     Run AudioLibraryFolders option added to file menu
summary:     Added support for  .aiff samples
summary:     rewrote buttonmatching code - fixes bug where folders starting with spaces are no longer created
summary:     Better error checking on files that have been removed, deleted or renamed outwith the program.
summary:     Fixed hotkeys which got broken in previous update
summary:     Shift click a destination button to open the location in explorer!
summary:     Updated readme.txt and added tips.txt which are shown randomly in the statusbar
summary:     Right click option added to rename file(s)
summary:     Reload folder when files do not get processed (because they might have been changed outwith program)
summary:     Added Properties option to right click menu which opens the properties window for that file.

BTW mercurial is great.

I guess there are no music producer fans in this forum? :D

i hope you plan to make a pad file for this.. i can see it being quite useful to people who need it.. trick it spreading the word about it.

I wasn't but I will. :D


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