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NANY 2011 Certificate

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I actually bought some certificate stock with gold+blue foil ribbons quite a while ago, for just such a use.
So all we need to do is figure out the text for it, and we'll do it for the upcoming NANY 2012.

Stoic Joker:
Shouldn't that be: NAFEOW 2012

New Apps For End Of World?

@mouser, NANY 2012 mug is still 1 year to go (I may get that mug in Apr'12)

@cranioscopical, you just post yours here and we will adjust it, if required, and then Mouser and Perry will approve it. It will not be a fake but official certificate for NANY 2011.

You see, DC is community work and we need the Coral Draw / Photoshop guys here to make it. I myself will try my hand on image editors, though I do not use or know CD/PS, and upload the same for approval. If we all try, we may make one sooner than later.




@cranioscopical, you just post yours here and we will adjust it

-anandcoral (May 27, 2011, 02:00 AM)
--- End quote ---

 ;D ;D

I, too, have some certificate stock. I used to run them off for some of the youngest family members when they had achieved something worthwhile (to them). They were quite popular which probably had more to do with the paper money attached to the back than with the certificates themselves.


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