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Downloading Circle Dock


 I've installed the winrar zip file for CircleDock 0.9.2 Alpha and I click the .exe file and the CircleDock appears but then when I shut down and turn it back on it disappears, how do I COMPLETELY install the CircleDock into my computer?

If the is no setting in the options to automatically start when widows starts then the easist way is to drag the shortcut from the desktop into the start/all programs/startup folder. Then when u restart your machine circledock will open too. :)

Greetings Sholin
Welcome to and Circle Dock's little part

There is no installation of the Alpha as this is a standalone program.

dazzaa  is quite correct in his instructions  :Thmbsup:

Try it and lat us know that you are working properly.
If not, we will keep working until we get you squared away  ;)

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