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What is the currently best Desktop Search software?

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Bit surprising that it looks like X1 is removing support for things like Thunderbird :huh:. I guess they are focusing mainly on Microsoft products and corporate needs.

I will not use a non-index based search program. All the arguments about indexes taking more resources are false. Think about it.

non-index search : has to examine all files on filesystem. If it's smart it uses NTFS MFT table (like in Everything). If you need to search contents, it has no option but to open every file and search through it, over and over again for each search.

index-based search: does the same process, but only once. After that it gets updated whenever the file changes, through a file change notification, which is very efficient. The cost is just keeping the index on disk which is trivial. The advantage - much less disk access and much higher speed.

The indexing service doesn't even do much compared to other similar services on the pc that also look at the file. e.g. every time a file is touched, many things like your AV/malware program will hook into it, read the file contents, compute its signature etc.

dtSearch is awesome! I've been using it for years - I like it because the previews and overall interface are nicer than Archivarius (own a license for that, too) and because it is less resource intenstive and produces a small index file. What I like about both dtSearch and Archivarius is that you can opt to run index updates manually, in fact, with dtSearch, that is the default setting. Finally, dtSearch is great because as noted the resource hit is negligible. I recently revisited X1 and wish that I could say the same thing... As xtabber noted, dtSearch is way too expensive for home use, though...
-Darwin (September 22, 2013, 08:57 AM)
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Same here. DtSearch is great -- using it at work. There are a few things Archivarius does better (like intelligently managing hyphens and other stuff), but dtSearh overall the best solution because of certain features like RegEx support, filters saving, etc.

Archivarius is very good too-- that's what I'm using at home -- but support has been close to non existent. I've emailed the developper a couple times about what I consider a pretty severe bug, but... Nothing. The bug goes lie this: Archivarius doesn't include file content modifications in its index if the files are locked; and on the next indexing, it won't update them either... The only solutions are: 1- to reindex all files every time from scratch -- which is an absolute impossibility in my case -- OR  2- make sure all files are closed when updating indexes; that's what I do, but it's inconvenient. Once in a while (every six months), I'll do #1, just to be sure nothing is missing from the index. Takes a long long long time.

DtSearch, by contrast, never misses a file and updates ***FAST***. Ideally, I'd like to combine dtSearch and Archivarius. Maybe one day.

Totally agree about how fast dtSearch updates its index - this is one of the things that I love about the software  :-* The other thing that I like about it is that I haven't had to pay for an upgrade since I started using it, back in 2008. My first indexing love was X1, btw, and I still love the interface and the previews (courtesy of Stellent previewers) but on my computer, which I've also had since 2008 simply doesn't have the horsepower to run it, it seems.

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