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What is the currently best Desktop Search software?

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Scanfs has just been updated as well. Would you guys mind give a try and compare it to others? I use it here and I am happy but I do not have searchgt etc. I do not have any affiliation just a happy user :)

Btw it is free!

Would you guys mind give a try and compare it to others?-kartal (June 05, 2008, 09:34 PM)
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Just quickly:

1) Forces creation of a Desktop icon.
2) Doesn't allow you to choose where in the Start menu you want it.
3) Launch application at end of install generated "Corrupt dll" or "Missing dll" error.  Ran OK from icon.
4) Initial run generated another error - can't recall what it was, missing file or some such.
5) Was forced to use Taskmanager to kill it since closing the initial run of the program did nothing but cause Access Violations.

Successive executions didn't produce any start/close errors/faults, this is provided I didn't try to use the program.

5) Upon entering a search for *.jpg on D:\ it responded with "Unknown search Date mode" and then I had to use Taskmanager to kill it.

At this point I gave up and uninstalled it, deleted it, then formatted the drive to make damn sure it was gone.

6) The uninstaller has an option to delete the program settings but it was ghosted.
7) It also left directory C:\Program Files\Saleen Software with two files sitting in it.

EDIT: Please note I run an optimised version of XP - there are services and programs, (eg. IE), that do not exist on it.  As such, if this program relies on some esoteric service/program that is in a normal XP installation then it may well work - however it won't be seeing the light of day again on my system.

Another edit: Damn, just as I was writing the edit above you guys replied.

sorry to hear that. I have never had any issues installing it. I use it on both xp64bit and 32bit.

Never had any problems either.

Do your 15 licenses for file managers include XYplorer?  And if so, how do you rate its search functions against those, given that it's a file manager built on a file-finder, rather than the other way round?
-rjbull (June 05, 2008, 03:24 AM)
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:-[ I'm feeling quite embarrassed now (rather than being simply embarrassed)...
-Darwin (June 05, 2008, 08:47 AM)
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But c'est la vie! Yes, I have a lifetime licence for XYPlorer and love it. It's search feature is very fine, but I would rate it between SearchGT and FileLocator Pro based on speed AND based on feature set

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I'll take it that here we're primarily talking features as an information finder, rather than a plain file finder or file manager.

- the differences would be that if speed were determining the criteria, SearchGT would win, whereas on feature set FL Pro would win.

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I seem to remember DonL saying that SearchGT was particularly fast at "first time" searches, but that once the Windows cache had been loaded, there wasn't much in it.

However, if you're taking BOTH into account, XYPlorer heads the list! It's quicker than FL Pro and DOES do file content searching. However, I've never really been able to get it to work - all the hits that I get contain my search term in their titles and I KNOW that there are many thousands of files that contain the search term in their content but not in their titles. Anyway, just did such a regular "title" search and it took 79 seconds on 80 GB of data (114,000 files in 9000 folders). Content searches take A LONG TIME. In fact, FL Pro handles this kind of search much more quickly.

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Here, I suppose, it's really a case of what's the main focus of a particular application.  I found content search less good in XYplorer than I'm used to.  You can use its Ctrl-Q Quick View feature on the hits, but it's not so obvious where the hits are in the file.  If you do a contents search with Total Commander and ask it to view the files it's found, you can just press F3 and it will do a "find again" search on the text you originally asked it to search for.  That's a nice touch, and one I didn't immediately see in XYplorer (somebody correct me if I'm wrong).  Wish list - an option to colourise the hit terms...  Also, I find TC more keyboard-friendly than XYplorer, but I find myself using the latter more for unindexed searches of the network. 

I don't have FL Pro, in part because I briefly looked at Agent Ransack and found it wouldn't work properly on the computer I use at work owing to restrictions in force at the time.  Maybe I should take another look.  BareGrepPro is wonderful for grep with or without regexp searches and shows you the text in a window, but I would often prefer Boolean searching.  The only (Windows) program that has Boolean searching that I have at present is WanyWord (freeware), but I don't much like the syntax and I want better options for proximity searching, like (at least) that terms should be within one to "n" lines of each other.  Asking they should be within so many words of each other would doubtless slow things down too much for unindexed searches.


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