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What is the currently best Desktop Search software?

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ahhh ok, thanks for checking Darwin, an extra discount would have been a good thing, but i guess they have to get some income sooner or later  ;D

the upgrade price of $19.95 is replaced by a new price of $25.97. -Darwin (March 31, 2008, 04:42 PM)
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So $9.95+$19.95 is more than $25.97. But if the upgrade is not worth it, $9.95 on its own is less. Who can know if it is worth it if there is no trial available?

Please note that WDS 4 is just a PREVIEW, not a final.

So $9.95+$19.95 is more than $25.97. But if the upgrade is not worth it, $9.95 on its own is less. Who can know if it is worth it if there is no trial available?-Dormouse (March 31, 2008, 06:00 PM)
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Well - as stated HERE the price of v6 can now be $0.0. Probably the best starting point for anyone who does not have it and actually wants it. One thing I would say for Avanquest is the the prices for $ are effectively the same as the prices in £.

Not really, Tom! XYPlorer started out life as a file searcher:

Historically, XYplorer is not a file manager with a search feature, but a search tool with a file manager attached to it. Not for nothing it was called "Tracker" before...
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-Darwin (March 13, 2008, 03:43 PM)
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That's right, and I finally found some time to check out that "Search GT" (ver 2.3). I had done so already once almost a year ago and was utterly disappointed by its slowness compared to XYplorer. So I was curious whether it got any faster with the lastest version -- especially after having read all the nice talk about it here at donationcoder.

Well, there might be a trick I don't know, but on my system Search GT is slow, remarkably slow, compared to XYplorer:

Searching a folder with about 10,000 files spread over 600 sub folders:
Pattern: *.jpg (matches 196 items)
Search GT: 0.5 sec
XYplorer: 0.084 sec (= 6 times faster!)

Pattern: a  (matches 3480 items)
Search GT: 4.7 sec
XYplorer: 0.127 sec (= 37 times faster!!)

So I can cooly say: I'm still waiting for a non-index file searcher that's faster than XYplorer!  8)

EDIT: got to refine my above statement a bit. It turns out that Search GT is indeed very strong when searching whole drives for the first time (i.e. before Windows disk read caching sets in). It mysteriously gets slower when searching only certain folders on a drive. It's also quite slow when the search returns many results. So, when you look for one or few items somewhere on a whole drive, GT is a very good choice (if a basic name/date/size filter with no boolean operators is all you need) -- otherwise take XYplorer.


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