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What is the currently best Desktop Search software?

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PowerDesk Pro 7

if you type in the address in the auto update it gives you a cheaper price  ;)

Carol Haynes:
Thanks - stange that the main site (V-Com) doesn't have any reference to that given that the same update page sends you there as their home page!

So... has anyone actually taken the plunge on this one (PD 7)? Is it much of an update? Doesn't look like it unless one is running Vista and/or wants the latest Stellent viewers (I have QuickView Plus 10, so this doesn't apply to me). Anything about this new release that makes it a "must have" update? I can't see much in the "What's New" section that makes this look particularly compelling...

And do you really want to buy from a company that seems not to be advertising the availability of v7 at the same time as it is actively selling (special offer, Bitsdujour etc) v6 at a discount price?


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