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What is the currently best Desktop Search software?

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That's strange, iphigenie - the version I bought last summer came with a full set of Stellent viewers that worked fine when I had PowerDesk installed.

Windows Desktop Search  cannot even search outlook express contacts or thunderbird emails, kind of useless for me. I uninstalled it from my machine also because it runs all the time. It was not like you could disable it like copernic
-kartal (March 29, 2008, 01:22 AM)
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I had to lose WDS 3 for the same reason -- I could NOT turn it off, period.  I was using Dragon NaturallySpeaking for text input and WDS would continually steal focus and trash whatever I had dictated for however long it was before I noticed that WDS was in focus. Aarrggh!

There is no setting to pause or stop indexing. And it runs as a service, so I went into services and manually stopped it. Of course it restarted in a few seconds! I changed the Restart tab in services properties from 'Restart' to 'Do Nothing', but it STILL restarted!  Turns out is has a number of dependencies that, if you stop those it wreaks havoc on your system. So I had to chuck it.

I requested help with this at the Microsoft newsgroup for WDS and a couple of MVPs replied and confirmed that there is no way to stop it from indexing.  Just another case of "Microsoft knows what is best for you and your machine".  Ugh!


... the version I have doesnt seem to have viewers for much of anything -iphigenie (March 30, 2008, 06:41 AM)
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Update your PowerDesk Pro to >here<  7.17 MB -Curt (March 27, 2008, 02:42 PM)
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Yes - Curt is right: even with the update, the latest version will be from a few years ago, so the Stellent viewers will be out of date (sort of - they're still fine for Office 2003 docs, etc.).

Carol Haynes:
Just reinstalled PowerDesk Pro 6 and noticed that if you run "Update" from the help menu it mentions PowerDesk version 7. Can't find anything about it though on their website ?

Strangely the version I had on my system was the same version as the one suggested above. However the one linked a few posts back is only about 7Mb whereas my original version I donwloaded at purchase is 35Mb (and it is the same build).


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