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What is the currently best Desktop Search software?

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Java 7 or newer.

Good bye!

Java 7 or newer.

Good bye!
-highend01 (August 21, 2015, 05:48 AM)
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Used by the underlying Search Engine, Elasticsearch.

Wow, things have changed so much since this question and Poll was first posted. Is Google Desktop Search still around? (I really didn't like that displaying of search results in a web browser).

Nowadays I would think a "Best" Desktop search would very much depend on your requirements and what viewers are important to you.

I'm a great fan of Everything Search, but that is because I mainly search for files rather than strings in files, and built-in viewers aren't that important to me.

I also still use Total commander a lot, and it works well enough for searching in text files when I know which folder(s) to search. The free MultiCommander has a pretty good File Search add-on.
But I guess these two aren't really Desktop Search tools.

Following my previous discussion (here above, April 2015), I just decided to test Archivarius 3000 (4.74 version, 64 bit). A fine feature is that Archivarius gives an estimation of the index size before starting the indexing. But the index is HUGE. Look at the comparison with my old X1 Desktop Search Version 5.2.3 (Build 1852bz-bs) (Released Friday, August 26, 2005).
I have tried to select the same files, but they are some litte disprecancies (the directories excluded from the index are not exactly the sames).

                       X1              Archivarius
number of files   2,169,441     1,906,091      Almost the same files indexed
size of files      4 TB approx.   4110 GB
size of index      2.1 GB          1521 GB

Archivarius index is 700 times larger than X1 one!
For that reason, I cannot go on with this test. I need to buy a new drive, reserved for Archivarius index!

My own Stats

Files : 494 870
Words : 11 395 416
Size of files : 192.54 GB
Size of text : 21.79 GB
Size of index : 8.55 GB

DT Search:
Files : 68 226
Words:  8 554 465
Data size (size of text) : 3.8 GB
Size of Index: 2.6 GB

Both have big indexes, but Archivarius doesn't seem outrageously huge here. It's actually smaller than DTSearch, proportionally speaking. I can't compare with X1 as it's long gone because of severe problems described earlier. I can't use a "desktop search " software that imposes strange limits on the document length it will index. I don't know if those limits still exist, but they've been there for quite a while.

[Edit : you'll notice that here the Archivarius index is about 22.5 times smaller than the file size, but only 2.55 times smaller than the actual text size. If the numbers you gave are only an estimate, the estimate might be off the mark, unless the text size is about the same as the file size (4110 GB) you gave.]


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