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What is the currently best Desktop Search software?

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I personally found "Everything" to be the best. Unfortunately, it lacks the basic "View" functionality. That is, displaying the search results in different views - small, large, very large, tiles, list, details, etc...

This is a much needed feature and I have also asked the developer to implement this in the next release.

Also, of course, Search Everything does not index files; it can only search file and folder names. It cannot search any file contents. While file names only is OK for me maybe 75% of the time, I still need to search file contents enough that Everything simply can't do it all for me.


Hello. I am a long time user of X1 (since version 2.0).
I am still using daily my old X1 Desktop Search Version 5.2.3 (Build 1852bz-bs) (Released Friday, August 26, 2005), running on Windows 8.1 and indexing about 2,000,000 files (about 4 TB of data) on several volumes (internal drives, USB drive, NAS).
I have kept this version because after version 5.2.3, X1 began to deal with the accented letters in a bad way (I have written several posts on this subject on the X1 forum). And when finally X1 got a satisfactory way to deal with accented letters, X1 lost the ability to index Thunderbird email, which is incompatible with my use.
But more and more frequently, I realize that X1 misses some of my files. Sometimes it is solved by re-indexing (it takes around 36 hours), but some files refuse to be indexed for an unknown reason...
By the way, I do not trust X1 searches any longer, and I am looking at some other solutions.

I have found this forum today, and there are interesting discussions here.
That is why I post this message here, in order to follow these discussions.

Good luck gt13013! I found that I need to combine a few engines to get the best results. Repeating myself, but using a combination of Archivarius, DTSearch and Everything (when only file names are involved.) AFAICT, Archivarius and DTSearch don't miss any files -- unless their format isn't supported. Plus, they can index bigger files than X1 can.

Thanks Armando. It seems that Archivarius will be the next software that I will test.


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