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What is the currently best Desktop Search software?

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Have you installed WDS on Win7 or using the version built in? The Built in version only searches indexed folders by default but you can override that and search all folders.
-Carol Haynes (December 23, 2009, 03:05 AM)
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Thanks Carol. No, I haven't installed WDS - this is the built-in utility that comes with Win7. I'll have to look into expanding its index parameters.



Thanks Darwin for taking the time to answer.
Direct Access takes between 9-10 full minutes, even when the DB has already been indexed. Quicker, yes, but still very slow considering that Outlook needs to be closed etc. I usually leave Outlook open, and if I unadvisedly start the indexing and Outlook is open, it'll just plainly and simply render the last index unusable which is a pain. I don't why it does it but... it does and that's why I had to revert to OLE a while ago.
Mailstore seems to be an interesting option. I'll check this out -- it may mean that I'll have to rethink a bit the way I organize my emails.
-Armando (November 30, 2009, 12:02 PM)
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I reinstalled Archivarius a couple of builds back and recently updated to build 4.27. It indexes my 1 GB worth of pst files in about 5 minutes WITH Outlook 2007 open. I'm not sure when this was fixed, but I'm quite impressed  :Thmbsup:

PS This is using the default settings when creating an E-Mail index, BTW...

Thanks for the feedback, Darwin. I just downloaded the build 4.27.
Seems slower than you : 28% after 10min. My PST file is 982 MB.
However, I'm using Outlook 2003, and maybe does that make a difference ? My computer is also a laptop, 2.2ghz (core 2 duo).

Hi Armando - I should have mentioned that the initial scan took quite a while (I left it running and did something else, so can't be exactly sure of the duration, but 40-50 minutes is probably about right). After that, re-building the index is quite quick, as noted. I first had a scheduled rebuild set up and it took 7 minutes. Earlier today I went into the properties of the scheduled rebuild and selected the option to have Archivarius index only changed and new files and it went down to about 5 minutes.

I'm running a laptop, too - 2.5 GHz core 2 duo.

Thanks Darwin. Yes, it's quicker after a first indexing. But still slow here : almost 15 min. There could be other reasons. Maybe my anti-virus. I'll make some more tests later.


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