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What is the currently best Desktop Search software?

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Thanks m_s for the Archivarius review!!!  I am definitely going to try it out.

Quick question:  Does Archivarius let you specify certain file extension (*.py, *.cpp etc) as text files so it will index their contents?  Or does it only index their filenames but not the contents?  Thanks.

too bad that Archivarius isn't free, even it has support for The Bat!

Archivarius indexes contents...  Give it a try - the student edition is quite cheap, actually: $19.95 - here's the website:

I send/receive lots of email and constantly search for previous correspondence, names of people, attachments, etc.  I couldn't live without X1 Desktop Search and I keep it running at all times.  It will index nearly every file type that I use including Outlook message content and message attachments, pdf file content, and all MS file types.   

I use it mainly for its Outlook abilities (also works with Mozilla, OE and Eudora) but it indexes not only the name of the file but its content, and is searchable/filterable in many different ways and allows you to view the 'result' of the search, not just the name or location of the file or message.

Indexing can be set to include or exclude specific file types.  I use it on my laptop but I believe there is a server version.

The initial indexing takes a while but incremental indexes are quite fast.

Unfortunatly it's not free.  In fact it is pricier than I would like but I have not fund a better alternative.


The Yahoo desktop search is apparently based on X1, so that is an alternative to paying for the full version.  My impression is that X1 is the most highly respected of the lot...


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