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What is the currently best Desktop Search software?

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I found it awesomly fast on my data files
-Carol Haynes (April 26, 2008, 06:46 PM)
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Which one, Carol ? BareGrep ?

Carol Haynes:
Yep - I was amazed at how quickly it scanned a 30Gb partition for .doc files and then looked inside for text matches. Almost realtime! OK I haven't got thousands of DOC files but it had to scan all folders and there are a lot of them - and there are quite a few DOC files to check.

That seems pretty quick.


Carol Haynes:
Been playing a bit more.

It is very quick at finding files by name - takes a while (not surprisingly) to scan lots of file content.

I did a similar search on all my PDF files - I have a lot of those. It listed them all almost instantly but if I added a search for a text string in the PDF files it took a little while. Not bad though for an unindexed search - a lot faster than Windows Explorer search takes just to find the file names!

Of course I don't know how often or for how long you guys need to search, but I recommend the BareGrep pro DEMO version also. It has been my experience that all searches are done within the five minutes it officially will work (one time I had it running for 12 minutes) before it auto-closes . But then there is the annoying splash, hmm... however, I don't yet feel to pay $35 to have it removed, and for my few and very specific searches it has been enough to use the demo version. And for any other searches I will use Search GT or Quizo's internal.


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