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What is the currently best Desktop Search software?

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I've been testing out Archivarius, and I was delighted to discover that it indexes IMAP accounts.

Is that a standard feature in search software these days? Last time I explored this area (which was admittedly a long time ago), I don't remember any software I tested offering to index my IMAP email.

I've been testing out Archivarius, and I was delighted to discover that it indexes IMAP accounts.-johnk (February 22, 2008, 11:13 AM)
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I can tell that Archivarius now also supports .surfulater files

Hmm... I was wrong - Windows Desktop Search HAS been indexing My Documents (view this thread to see what I'm talking about  :o) and I quite like it. It's light on resources, can be configured to truly lurk in the background and it runs searches very quickly. I also love the fact that it displays many documents with their formatting preserved. A nice option, I think. I still love Archivarius and doubt that WDS will replace it, but I think that until Archivarius' PST file support if solved WDS will COMPLEMENT it...

EDIT: posted link to the correct thread...

Sorry to report, Armando, that (at least out of the box) WDS does NOT index comments in Word documents... I'll play with the settings and see if I can get it to do so... Archivarius DOES do this. I wish I could get Archivarius to use Stellent viewers and to index PST files in a timely manner  :(

 ;D Darwin, you're amazing. You remember my obsession for all these details. Thanks Darwin.

I might give it a try anyways. I really wonder how it plays with mdb (access databases) -- I'm really interested to know because, well, SQL-Notes current database backend is based on JET 4.0 (.mdb).  :)

PS : I wish archivarius was able to use Stellent viewers too... But at the same time, the plain text approach makes it very very fast for huge documents/databases and this is what I like about it.


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