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Software with odd or insane license plans.

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This might be the best graphics editor ever,i don't know.But this is the first i've seen of a 6 months license on a desktop application.I'm sorry but i think this is so wrong it's pethetic.I don't know,depending on the application i'm
also against an annual subscription fee,better be pretty special and frequently updated and good customer support
if you want my annual fee.Like i said,i don't know the company,people,and never tried the app and never would with
subscription license plans like these,just my honest opinion.   

The program is called TwistedBrush
Check out the plans :down:

i think insane is a good description.

i mean if you want to stop giving updates after 6 months, ok whatever, not cool but im not going to call you insane.
but to say that after 6 months you have to stop using a local drawing program unless you pay a license renewal fee, that's just wrong.

OK, I think that the short-term licenses are a bit crazy, but give them some credit.  There's a non-expiring option as well -- Free updates "forever".  I don't think 109 dollars is particularly expensive for an application you consider to be the best in its class.  I've paid more for my favorite graphics program and know I'll be paying an upgrade fee next major version change.  The difference, here, is Pixarra is telling you straight up how long you've got rather than leaving it to the version numbering.

The way I see it, while seeming strange in presentation, they have a really cool licensing program.  The software is 109 dollars and you never have to pay to upgrade.  If you only need graphic software for a temporary project, you can buy a time limited license.

I wish more software companies offered non-expiry, personally.

As for licensing programs that bug me, I'm not fond of Eudora's $50/year plan, but if I think about it -- I pay more per year for something I'd use less (if I were a Eudora user, that is).  My pet peave, though, is Linspire -- after you buy the OS at 80 or so bucks, you're going to need a paid subscription to their software warehouse to make the OS remotely useful.  The Linspire guy who writes the newsletter is always calling Microsoft an evil giant--only difference I see between MS/Linspire is Linspire isn't giant but at least as evil.

it's true they have a non-expiring version and your interpretation is sensible: it's really $110 for non expiring full version, and the rest of the licenses are just special case oddities.

I found this license plan. IMO, this one s just crazy.

Notice that you get:
1 year's FREE email support
--- End quote ---
And they say that like it's a big thing! With "free" in caps.. Unbelievable. What happens after one year? they block e-mails coming from your e-mail? or do you have to put your license key on the mail you send them, and they have to check if it's still active?

Do you also think this is crazy, or is it only me?
I think that if they don't want to have work with answering mails, they'd better not offer it.


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