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First discoveries/Customizations


hi mouser+all,

now that i've gotten over my first difficulties (see post re foreign language dictionaries) - thanks again!!!- here are a few more "first observations" and related questions:

(a) i'd _strongly_ suggest for the future updated help file that it be made _very clear_  that all option settings/customizations must be followed by a shutdown from the systray...any and all fumbling mistakes ending up in other forms of closedown always lead to having to entirely redo all settings!

(b) i've dutifully read the majority of all the posts in this forum section and i'm aware that CHS has many appealing functions...out of which only a few are (at least at this point in time) of primary interest for my purposes, namely: the spellcheck (especially simple multi-lingual without switching of dictionaries) and the quickpaste function on the basis of sql virtual folder definition.
my immediate questions in this context are (and my apologies, but i couldn't find any clear help on these things):

1) what steps _can_  one take to foster (if at all) the integration between CHS and given Windows programs, in my case: Foxmail??? (ie the hotkey trigger does not "call" the spellchecker...)
2) how does one correct/replace/eliminate/renew custom spellcheck dictionaries (eg "chris.adu")?
3) if i create a new folder (in addition to "Old" and "New") of _persistant_ "Personal" clips (which i intend to use as text macros, for instance), how do i have to reformulate the quickpaste virtual folder sql definition of the database filter so that the contents of this "Personal" folder will be permanently in the quickpaste set?

(c) would it be possible to have other, experienced CHS users "describe" their tricks-of-the-trade, customizations, scripts etc??
(i am sure that those who know about sql and regex have all kinds of nifty discoveries...and for the less technically experienced this would be of considerable value!!!!)

thanks for all and any help and advice,

ill try to answer in pieces.

one easy way to do #3 is that any clip marked as a "favorite" will show up in the quick paste menu, so that's an easy way to  have your favorites in the quick menu paste.

i think a) points out that i really need to save options after they have been modified rather than on shutdown, for the reasons you say.

can you describe 1 more?


thanks for your attention, mouser (and sorry for bunching several topics together here)

clarification re (1):
i have, according to instructions and posts, set a SpellWindowsObject works fine with Notepad but does not do anything when i compose an email text in Foxmail. (for some strange reason, i get a dialog box saying "selection has been checked. would you like to..." although i did not select anything, as it also is not necessary to select in Notepad...doubly puzzling!)
i was therefore wondering if there was any special thing i had to/could do to make the spellcheck activate in Foxmail (or, for that matter, in other applications where spellcheck does not seem to be triggered via the hotkey, eg Opera)??

clarification re (2):
yes, i understand "where" things/settings concerning ther spellcheck dictionaries have to be done, but here is my problem:
i have installed 2 additional dictionaries (ah, the beauty of doing spellchecks in several languages without having to switch!!) and CHS has automatically created a custom dictionary "chris.adu". for "experimental" purposes i tried "adding" specific spellchecks...which are integrated into "chris.adu"...and now i wish to "clean up" this file...question: i observe that if i _delete_  it, the program does not seem to recreate a fresh "chris.adu" do i therefore erase entries made into it? or, alternatively: how do i myself create a new ("empty") "chris.adu"?

re (3):
thanks for pointing out that "Favorites" can be the way to implement _persistant_ QuickPaste items (it wasn't clear to me that it would override the Backup settings which specify time limits beyond which clips go into Recycle bin).

re (4):
it would really be _great_ if there were a thread/download section devoted to expert uses, nifty tricks etc!!

thanks for help and advice,


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