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Desktop Linux: The dream is dead

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It's the programs stupid!

I only stick with windows (xp) because the big program makers, (among my fav. progs are ADobePhotoshop and premiere) dont make progs for linux varieties.
-delwoode (November 03, 2010, 07:46 AM)
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Very true...

But why settle for one OS when you can have two - or more? Especially since Linux usually doesn't cost more than the time and bandwidth needed to grab an ISO?

I'm not a fan of dual-booting. But I am a big advocate for using swappable hard drives.

I'm running different flavors of Windows, Nix, and OS X - all on a single machine. A quick shutdown, swap, and reboot, and I'm in business. And all without the need to mess with boot-loaders and weird non-native drive partitioning schemes. Running them all on one box also makes for a less crowded and more energy efficient workspace.

A free SkyDrive account and a "permanently plugged-in" 16GB USB Flash drive (picked up on sale for $23! Yay! ) handles file transfers back and forth between the various OSes.

Like f0dder so aptly said: The right OS for the job, and the right hardware for the OS :)

Sweet. 8)

Not a fan of dual-booting either. I do keep an old Windows machine in the corner. The last time I needed to turn it on was April 2010. I write it down on a card and leave it near the keyboard just so I'll know!

It's the free VMware Player stupid! :D

Given how powerful computers are now, it's pretty easy to run a Linux distro in VMware. That's where I'm running Ubuntu at the moment. Saves on electricity as well. (I've already got 4 computers running in the house.)

Hi Guys,
first I have Nvere loaded linux and got it to work. Have teried over las couple of years but because I an taking courses that teach Fedoria 12 & REDHAT within the next few quaters I should learn somethimg.

One thing I know now is that embedded programs in everyday products are mostly Linux based. Also a lot og the programs in the server worlds are Linux.
Ths place for Linux man not be Desktop but whjat about the rest of the world?

Sorry just thinking out loud and hope the muslems dont find me. You know that twerp mohammad was an fool. 

Matt Hartley has a take on this topic, and in the process makes many of the points Josh has made over the years:

My switch to Linux wasn't an immediate one. But what was apparent early on during my Linux adoption was my motivation for making the switch in the first place – no longer wanting to use Windows. This is where I think the confusion begins for most new Linux adopters. As we make the switch, we must fight the inherent urge to automatically begin comparing the new desktop experience to our previous experiences with Windows. It's a completely different set of circumstances, folks.

Slashdot follows up on the discusssion:


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