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Desktop Linux: The dream is dead

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I would say yes, you definitely should try again.  5 years ago it wasn't THAT bad, but it has come a long way since.  My version of the failure of Linux is on multiple fronts, but it basically boils down to applications.  While there are tons of them out there, and most are free, few are truly easy to use and even fewer are user friendly.  Couple that with the lack of real support when there are issues and you get people just completely turned off the idea before they see the value.  I do think it will eventually come to parity with Windows, but not in the near future.

Actually that is not true.  What I see is standardization taking place to the point that you will not really see a significant difference between OS's.  In the mean time, applications will become increasingly web based to the point that the OS doesn't matter much and by then all systems will boil down to whatever is installed - if anything.  I could even see it where the browser is part of the BIOS and automatically connects when started.  If the connection fails, it is just an unusable piece of hardware sitting there until there is a connection again.  Just like when the TV signal goes out...

My recent, last six months, experiences with Linux have been very enjoyable. Previously, 1995-2005, I had a terrible time, mostly with hardware detection problems. I found Ubuntu okay but limited for what I wanted to do. KNOPPIX is great and Puppy, 'lupu-500', is even better. The group on the Puppy forum is great. I like the concept of a simplified OS with selectable extras. The ability to recompile a CD or USB for a specific job is nice. I liked DOS and Windows 2000 Pro but I don't like Windows XP. I'm just waiting for something like MASM to merge with Linux 'Live'.

Stoic Joker:
If the connection fails, it is just an unusable piece of hardware sitting there until there is a connection again.  Just like when the TV signal goes out...-steeladept (October 18, 2010, 05:09 PM)
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Now there is a horrifying (albeit quite plausible) view of the computing future ... I'll have to go back to being a mechanic.

@sword - Okay, Puppy is fun to play with. I've still got a virtual copy of it from back when I was playing with misc. Linux distros awhile back. I like Slackware, but I haven't much luck with it.

Is this news?  I thought the Desktop PC was dead 2 or 3 years ago...

Red Hat’s, Brian Stevens, claims that the desktop is dead. This may seem a trifle premature, but from my own perspective, that has already been the case for several years.
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2007 Article:  Is the Desktop Dead?

More fine articles discussing the PC corpse:
Dead Desktop -Linux

Most of these were before the iPad came along...   The Desktop must be really dead now.   :P

"Great" title. The article isn't that bad, but the title is soooooo childish.


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