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DONE: Time each Timer

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I'm looking a stop watch program that can keep track of multiple times.
I tried MultiTimer but this program lacks the hotkeys to effectively stop and start each timer.
If someone can create a program similar to Multitimer but with hotkeys then I will like to
assign 1 through 0 to toggle each timer to start and pause and resume if pressed.
ctrl 1 through 0 will clear the each timer's elapsed time.

I don't know how MT works, but I'm assuming if it doesn't have hotkeys then you click in each control to start/stop/pause timer?

If so, it's pretty easy and a fun experience to make a hotkey that does a mouse click to a certain control in a certain program.  You can get free tools and guidance here:

The AHK script engine and tools come with a "spy" program so that you can get the window and control names and classes. That enables you to zero in with the mouse click.  People on the AHK forum will help you if you tell 'em it's your first script.

Here you go, Smobu:  Ten Timer download

DONE: Time each Timer

It's not nearly as attractive as the MultiTimer application you referenced in your initial post but I think it'll get the job done for you.  


* ctrl-1 through ctrl-0 will start/pause the corresponding timer.
* ctrl-alt-1 through ctrl-alt-0 will reset the timer to 0.  You can also do this while the timer is running.
* The ">" button will start a timer.
* The "| |" will pause a timer.
* The "<<" will reset a timer.
Any timer name text you set in the edit field is saved from session to session.  Saving the actual timer values can be easily added, too.  Let me know if this will work for your purposes.  Thanks.

Thanks, this is good. 8) I notice a delay of about a second when pressing the hotkey to resume though.

I notice a delay of about a second when pressing the hotkey to resume though.-Smobu (October 24, 2010, 12:15 PM)
--- End quote ---

Call it a result of my code design for this application.  If you find it too bothersome, I can refactor the code.


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