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Request: Facebook Sharing

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I think ive asked about this before...I know its possible, and ffs add it (lol) ... DC honestly needs a Facebook Like button and Sharing Link on each page...would make the site much more visible to the world, and make it much easier when I want to share a post with a friend on facebook (IE: "Check my profile, its the last link i shared")

Would anybody else use this utility or am I P**sing in the wind (so to speak)?

+1 for that.

There are numerous times when I'd like to post a DC thread to FB. It's a regular occurrence, or non-occurrence as the case may be.

Preeeeeety darn sure ive mentioned this before to Mr Mouse :P

Facebook Like Mod:
Facebook Sharing Mod:
Facebook Connect Mod:

Just for randomness:

It doesn't have everything on DC, but we do have a fan page with all the threads that are featured on the blog.

Like it, follow it, share the posts with your friends!

Another thing you can do is connect your personal DC feed to autopost to your wall whenever you make a post here. There are a few ways to do that. You can use Friendfeed and the friendfeed facebook app like I do, or something like Social RSS

Sorta defies the point of it App,  the reason I request this, is for ease of use, 1 button shares what I wanna share, not everything that hits the blog, or the fan page (Which, I obviously am aware of lol)

I dont always wanna share the stuff I post, sometime I will see something I think my Facebook family would enjoy, and wish there was a "Share" or "Like" button to show them I enjoyed it, so they should read it.


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