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Weird. Let me reproduce it here.

Yup, a bug.

The problem is in the code that creates a new backup job upon clicking "Create" in the "New Backup" dialog. It basically ignores the selection between "Everything with exceptions" and "Selected files and folders."

The problem is not there when existing backup job is modified, it correctly picks up the choice.

The workaround(s):

1. When adding a new backup job, configure everything except for the filters, set it to "run manually" (so that it won't run right away) and create it. Then open it for editing (right-click -> Properties), add filters and switch from manual to required running mode.

2. If the backup is already configured, then open Bvckup settings folder (Menu > Options > Preferences, click Open next to respective field), exit Bvckup, find the .ini corresponding to the backup job (open .ini's and look at the Name field), change FilterDef from 1 to 0, save, and restart Bvckup.

Thanks for the comments and the follow-up, Deozaan. Let me see if I can push out an update with the fix.


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