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Location needs to be * and the Name should be *.bak, like so:

Or do you have it set up like this and it is not working?-apankrat (July 04, 2011, 04:39 PM)
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I can't remember how I had it set up. My HDD had some problems and I recently reinstalled Windows and haven't gotten around to getting Bvckup back on here. But I think the problem was that I was leaving Location blank.

Thanks for the help. Now that I have a solution to this I won't be so unwilling to start getting Bvckup set up again. :Thmbsup:

I just noticed this. Why does Bvckup install into my User directory? What's wrong with C:\Program Files\ ? Or why not put it somewhere like AppData or something?

That's because it is neither Data per se nor does it make sense to install into a system-wide admin-only directory when the installer is run under a regular user account. Unfortunately there is no standard directory for placing user's binary files, so I made a guess at what other devs like myself could use and settled on %UserProfile%/Program Files. It seemed like a reasonable location to drop binaries that would be used by the installing user only.

By the way, if the setup is run under the Admin account, it will default to C:\Program Files.

I'm using the admin account. It never popped up UAC to ask permission to install to C:\Program Files\. I had to run it as administrator and then manually tell it to install to Program Files, IIRC.

But that's not important.

I'm getting really frustrated trying to get a specific backup to work. Basically, I want to backup all of my game data from games that save into My Documents.

So I made a new backup, told it to be include only selected files and folders. Then I manually typed in, one by one, each folder (subdirectory of source folder) I wanted it to backup. That took a few minutes and was time consuming, but had to be done. Then I let it run.

It copied every single file and every single subdirectory from the source directory. :mad:

So I went and looked at the settings for the backup and somehow it had switched itself back to backup "Everything with optional exceptions." So I clicked the radio button to change it back to backup only "Selected files and directories" and when I did that all of my filters were immediately removed from the list. It completely blanked them out.

So I decided to do a little test and only tell it to backup a couple of specific directories instead of typing them all out again only to have it break again. So I typed a couple out and it started copying directories and files that I didn't explicitly include.

So then at the top of the list I put a filter to exclude everything (blank Location, * for Name). Then I tested a couple directories and it appeared to work. So then I typed in the rest of the directories I wanted it to include and it started copying over more directories that I didn't tell it to.

I've been messing around with this for way too long and I can't get it to work. It doesn't seem to make any sense. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, but there doesn't seem to be any indication of when it will decide to work and when it will decide to start copying things over it shouldn't.

Here's a screengrab of part of my list. What am I doing wrong?


Yeah, I just tested it again on a smaller backup. The first time I setup a backup to copy only specific files and folders, it will revert back to copying all files and folders. Then when I go into the settings to change it back to copying only specific files and folders it will erase all the filters.

Buggy. I hope this is fixed in Bvckup 2. ;)


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