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@Armando - rename/move detection is on my ToDo list, it has been suggested before and I think it's a great feature to have. I will see what I can do... perhaps over the weekend ;)

With regards to further improving speed - there is a number of things that bvckup doesn't currently do, and that I am going to tackle in a bit. Specifically, the bypass of OS cache, using one IO thread per device, etc. That's why it is still in beta.
-apankrat (October 15, 2010, 08:47 PM)
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Nice to hear. Yes, I know it's in beta... But what a beta !  :)

I'm still testing it (almost all day today), and even if it's in beta it's probably still faster than most, globally, on most backup jobs.

Hi, just a couple of questions...

(1) Are Bvckup's cache/database files (ie. in the configuration and logging folder) essential to the operation of the program? AFAICT they must be used for Bvckup to function properly; I can't see how to opt-out of their usage.

(2) Has there been any consideration of an option for direct comparison of files (ie. no reliance on database)? I realize this would likely be a slower method, but I'm just curious.


(1) Files in the crc-* folders are the delta copying hashes. If these are deleted, then Bvckup will rebuild them the next time respective file will require copying (and it will copy the file in full). If you don't want these files to be created at all, switch from delta to full copying in backup job's

   Properties => Backup What section => Change Details => Copy What.

The .dat files hold the last seen state of the source directory files - file names, timestamps and sizes. If these are deleted,
Bvckup will copy all files the next time backup is run regardless of the setting in

   Properties => Backup What section => Change Details => What Is Considered Modified

The .ini files are the backup configs. Bvckup does not use any, but one registry entry and keeps all its configuration data in the disk files. So, no, you cannot completely opt-out of using config files, but you can however move them into another directory and tell Bvckup to load them from that directory by using "-c <path_to_config_folder>" command line option.

(2) If you mean bit-by-bit comparison, then - yes, I considered it and just couldn't see it being a popular option to justify the inclusion. Also, considering that delta copying essentially does the same, but at the block level, it seemed a bit redundant.

I am open to be convinced otherwise though :)

If anyone's interested, I have reworked the opening post of this thread into a Tell Me More page on the program's website. Had to tone it down a bit though...

I only have one questions: how do you pronounce the name?  :D "bvackup"? "bee-vee-cup"?
-Nod5 (October 15, 2010, 01:04 PM)
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I thought it would simply be pronounced as 'Backup' - that the 'v' is just like an upside-down 'A'


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