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@sajman99 - thanks, great to hear you like it :)
@cranioscopical - thanks

@Armando -

One thing to keep in mind with regards to the copying speed is the following. With delta copying there's always a small chance that a change will be missed because a block of data happens to have the exact same checksum (or hash) after it is modified. Bvckup is using MD5 over moderately sized blocks (32 KB), so technically the probability of such event are really really small. However, just to err on the side of caution, Bvckup will copy every file in its entirety every N backups (8 by default). This is configurable in backup Properties, Backup What section, behind the Details button.

Glad you like the website. My hobby du jour - :)

Regarding Hamachi - yeah, that was my baby too. It was wildly popular in gamers' circles, but I doubt it still is as LogMeIn repositioned it as an IT/sysadmin tool.

I've been using SpiderOak to synchronize game save files between computers, and recently had the brilliant idea of using it to sync my Minecraft saves. Unfortunately SpiderOak uses up way too much CPU and slows my system (and Minecraft) to a crawl because it syncs while in the game.

Well, obviously I can't use bvckup to sync between computers, but I did just test it out backing up Minecraft saves/worlds and am happy to report that it didn't cause the game to run sluggish, and it didn't seem to affect my system speed at all.

A bug I noticed: In the log file, if I scroll to the right to see the end of a log message, all the text will magically jump to the right, but the scrollbar will still be scrolled all the way to the right, too, which keeps me from being able to read what I had scrolled to read. I don't know if it's a scrollbar error or a text display error, but something is broken.

Re: Hamachi - I still use it to play games (e.g. Diablo II) with family and friends across the internet. Thanks for that incredibly useful tool!

@Armando - not to mention it was made in Canada :)
@mouser - done -
@MerleOne - have a look here, let me know what you think -
-apankrat (October 14, 2010, 08:38 PM)
--- End quote ---

Thanks for making the link with my other post !  I guess I missed you answer on your forum.  I think my preference would go to a special folder containing previous revisions, some kind of archive folder.  But it would be great if you could use, as an option, winrar solid archive to store revisions of a same file.  Solid archiving (in winrar) is then deadly space-efficient (while taking some more time).  What I am concerned about is the space taken. 

For instance, when I edit a big excel file, I save it each time I make a critical change, this can be 10-20 times per day, sometimes even more.  If the file is 4 MB big, without a clever way to handle the versions, it would take a huge space on my HDD.

Also, the next step would also be to manage those revisions, purge them at times; either manually or with a specific setting.

BTW, I am forgetting something important : while performing some tests a few weeks ago, source folder was on a local HDD and destination on a network folder, I encountered strange issues with previous build, that garbled the ownership permissions on the destination, such that I couldn't even open/read backup-ed files.  I managed to repair some attributes.  I usually have no problem whatsoever with that network drive.

I remember it all started with an error message from bvckup looking like "can't set ownership on dest files".  I'll give it another try next week with the new build.

I didn't mention it right away because I was busy and it's very difficult to explain in details what happens.  But there was definitely something wrong when using  my network drive, which usually shows no issue regarding file attributes.

Thanks to have moved my previous 2 messages to this thread.   :)


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